1. Documentary Opportunity

    Hey everyone! We just received a message from someone who has been clean from self harm for 4 years, and wants to spread the hope she has found-much like Renee, her friends, and all of TWLOHA!  She is currently looking to do some interviews to post to give strength to others. Since it’s the mission on TWLOHA, I’m sure ton of you would love to help, so I wanted to pass it along to you all. For the details, here is her message:

    I’m working on a documentary about self mutilation with a Christian perspective on its recovery, and I’m recruiting volunteers to sit for an interview to share their stories. I was wondering if you, or any other friends/members of TWLOHA, would be willing to sit for interviews.

    This video is aimed to educate some, but primarily to show those currently struggling that there is hope for recovery through God.

    The interview would consist of questions touching base on the motivation behind harming oneself, but would primarily focus on the motivation behind quitting, what worked, what didn’t, how God comes into play with everything.

    Because of the nature of the interview, I don’t want to put a newly recovered person in an emotionally dangerous place. I would be more than happy to talk to people currently struggling, but for the interview itself, they need to have been *clean from self destructive behavior for at least 3 months.*

    The video would eventually be put onto youtube and submitted to upworthy.com. If people wanted their faces hidden, the camera could be shifted. There will be a release form.

    No graphic images would be used so it would be safe for all to see.

    Would you be willing to send this on to the other members of TWLOHA to see if anyone would be willing to help?

    I have a cinematographer friend who will be on campus to record the interviews the afternoon/evening of Friday, May 2.

    If you know of anyone out of town, or cannot come that day, I am also conducting Skype interviews over the course of the next few months.

    Kelsey M. Regan

    I can be reached via email or phone 412-801-2628 kmr29725@huskies.bloomu.edu Or, you know, Facebook works too.

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  2. Heavy Meeting Tonight - Stress

    With finals/exams/presentations coming up, our heavy topic tonight will be stress! We will talk about how to cope with it. For our last meeting next week, we may possibly do some fun activities to release stress and set a positive mood.

    We have been missing some of you guys at meetings, so if you keep thinking that you want to come out, but aren’t sure, you definitely should come out tonight or next week!

    Columbia Hall- Fireside Lounge -9:30 pm

    Hope to see you all there!!  :-D   <3   \ml/

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The Time To Be Aweso inspiration positive words


    The Time To Be Aweso inspiration positive words

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Positive quotes


    Positive quotes

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I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 


    I never realized how overdramatic Zac Efron was until Tumblr. 

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